Sept. 18th by 11:59pm

Sept. 18th by 11:59pm Complete an evaluation of your sources, directly related to your research question. The 4 required sources include the following:
i. 4 MLA Citations Per Student that answers the research question:
1. 1 Video, 2. 1 Book/eBook, 3. 1 MDC Database Source, and 4. 1 Website Source.
Students are required to complete the Evaluate Your Sources Template provided, answering the questions completely.
Each student is responsible for writing their own research question which will include their subtopic. Sources should answer their research question, in MLA citation format.
* If you are experiencing difficulty acquiring 4 reliable sources or locating/creating MLA citations, please schedule an appointment with a librarian so they may assist you in finding alternative sources. Please schedule appointments prior to the deadline.

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