Should bob have been terminated for this behavior?

Bob, a licensed physical therapist with 20 years of home health experience, used his personal cell phone to take photos of a resident in the group home where he worked. Prior to taking the photo, Bob asked the resident’s brother if it was okay for him to take the photo. The brother agreed. The resident was unable to give consent due to her mental and physical condition. That evening, Bob saw a former employee of the group home at a local bar and showed him the photo. Bob also discussed the resident’s condition with the former coworker. Bob was terminated from his position.
Using the newly learned information from Chapter 5 (especially Box 5-1), answer these four questions. Each question’s response must have at least 200 words.
1. Identify and discuss the ethical dilemmas that exist in this scenario.
2. Should Bob have been terminated for this behavior? Why or why not? Is the disciplinary action fair, and what is the likelihood that Bob will be employable in the near future?
3. Use your problem-solving skills to create a list of at least three possible alternatives, including any hypothesized ethical arguments.
4. Choose one of the ethical theories presented in Chapter 5 and apply it to this scenario.
Text: Informatic for health professionals, second edition by Dee McGonigle and Kathleen Mastrian

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