Students may not write about cultural groups of which they are members.

APA Paper Students may select any one of the following population groups on which to write a cultural overview AND discussion of a current social problem affecting this cultural group. APA style MUST be followed! Aspects of culture to be considered are presented on the Cultural Iceberg diagram and accompanying outline. Students may not write about cultural groups of which they are members.
Groups: African Americans; Mexican Americans; Haitian Americans; Native Americans (specific tribe or entire group); Asian Americans (Japanese, Chinese, Filipino, Vietnamese, Indian, Thai, Korean, etc.); Appalachians; members of the Jewish, Amish, Mormon, or Muslim faiths; Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender; Active and Retired Military personnel. Students may propose different groups, but the groups must meet the definition of a culture, defined as follows:
Culture is the set of the learned and shared values, beliefs, and behaviors of a group of interacting people. Culture may be examined from both an objective and subjective perspective.
Papers must be at least FOUR pages and no more than SIX pages – not counting the Title Page and Reference Page. There must be at least THREE professional reference citations. These citations should come, first, from social work literature and, then, from other professional discipline sources. Popular magazines, newspapers, and casual online sources are not acceptable for this paper.

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