Term Paper Topics to be covered ⎫ Select a leader or an organization o If you s


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Term Paper
Topics to be covered
⎫ Select a leader or an organization
o If you select the organization, please write about the leader of the organization
o What is the mission and vision?
⎫ Provide a brief history of the leader
⎫ Explain why you selected that leader or organization.
⎫ Leadership style
⎫ Organizational culture
⎫ Challenges
⎫ Global?
⎫ Social responsibility?
⎫ Ethics
Would you want to work for this leader? How would you prepare yourself for a career in the organization?
Part one (one page)
You are interested in a leadership role in an organization.
• What type of career would you like?
• Are you looking at profit or nonprofit organization?
• Why are you interested in that organization?
• Who is the leader?
Part two (two pages)
• What have you learned about the company?
• What are the Mission and Vision statements?
• Is the company global?
• Is the organization innovative?
• Who are the external and internal stakeholders?
• Have there been any legal or ethical issues?
• Is the organization fostering socially responsibility? (provide examples)
Part three (one or two pages)
• During this unprecedented times, everything changed because of Covid-19.
• What changes took place?
• How is the leadership team working with the new changes?
• Review all current articles about the organization.
Part four (one or two pages)
• After completing your research, would you be interested in working for that organization? Why or why not?
• What skills do you need to learn to be eligible to work in the organization?
• How would you prepare for the interview?

• The final typed report must appear professional and place two staples in the upper left hand corner. Each part must be at least one full page in length.
• The project must be typed on 8 ½” x 11” inch paper, utilizing one inch margins, double spaced and 12-point font.
• You must have a cover sheet with your name, date and course name.
• You must have a Table of Contents listing the format of your project.
• Please check your grammar, spelling, and the format of the assignment.
• You must use 5 sources of reference. Wikipedia is not a source.
• DO NOT PLAGARIZE! Anyone who engages in plagiarism will earn a grade of a 0 for the project.
• Failure to follow directions will result in a corresponding loss of credit. Please make sure you have a minimum of five full pages of written content!