The due date for your essay is monday, 31 october.

Please write 1000 – 1200 words on :
The singular, profound development in Western music between roughly the years 900 to 1300 is the evolution of systems of musical NOTATION.
This leads to far more than just the ability to preserve compositions and communicate them to other locations and to posterity.
Notation liberates the possibility of sophisticated intellectual control, resulting in the rapid evolution of the language of Western music, especially as regards Polyphony (writing in several voices simultaneously); free composition beyond the largely oral history repertoire of Chants; and achievement of much greater complexity and flexibility of language
Give an account of the origins and path by which Notation evolves, and describe some examples of the works and styles that are created in consequence of this development.
Draw upon all the material you have studied thus far, referring to a few specific composers and style or geographical characteristics.
Please submit this Essay as a double-spaced document in Microsoft WORD. Your grade will be enhanced if you copy and paste into your text relevant artwork / illustrations, as well as examples of written-down music, to illustrate the points you make; but be sure to give sources and acknowledgements. Copy the first and fourth paragraphs of this title at the head of your Essay.
The due date for your Essay is MONDAY, 31 OCTOBER.

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