The topic for the research paper is wide open and up to the student.

The topic for the Research Paper is wide open and up to the student. It must be a research paper involving a Professionalism or Ethical issue related to the criminal justice system, ie, police corruption, unethical behavior, ethical standards, etc., just to name a few. If in doubt, submit your topic idea to me for approval. This is not a cut and paste paper. It must be a true research paper!
You must post your research paper online. The paper must have at least a minimum of 12 pages of text and a minimum of 12 reliable/verifiable sources. Wikipedia is not a reliable source! You must follow the APA Publication Manual of Style. As per the APA Manual, you must include a cover page, abstract, and reference page citing your sources. Be sure to properly site the source in the body of the paper as well. Only properly cited sources in APA format will be accepted. Note: The cover page, abstract, and reference page(s) do not count as part of the 12 FULL pages of written text.

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