This assignment aligns with course learning outcome #3 and 4.

General Facts For Both Teams Download General Facts For Both Teams ( attached )
Description of Final Negotiation Exercise:
In this negotiation exercise, teams will be assigned to represent either Callaway Golf Company or up-and-coming golfer Bryson Lee in their negotiations for an endorsement deal. Each student will receive a Common Fact Pattern and then each side will receive Confidential Facts for their side only. Each side will negotiate based on the common facts and confidential facts in their possession, and should not use any information outside of the materials provided. Both parties have agreed to meet with each other again to discuss the endorsement deal further and do their best to reach a mutual agreement, with a focus more on the process of negotiation than the result.
You will be representing golfer Bryson Lee in the upcoming negotiation with Callaway Golf Company. Attached, please find 2 documents: (1) the general facts everyone will receive and (2) your confidential information ( attached )
This assignment aligns with Course Learning Outcome #3 and 4.
Demonstrate the ability to make decisions and solve problems with an eye toward the relevant legal issues.
Learn how to analyze real-world scenarios from a risk management perspective, and become a more well-rounded sports industry professional by being able to identify legal issues in day to day business operations.

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