To access information on the s/d powerpoint project, you need to go to interaction on blackboard.

read the instructor about the S/D
And I have already chosen my Primary Source an is Dickens, Hard Times Excerpts only.
teacher note
To access information on the S/D PowerPoint Project, you need to go to Interaction on Blackboard. you need to go to Papers.
When you go to Interaction, you will see 4 links toward the top. The 1st link is where you will find the sign-up sheet. There, you will make three choices, but you can’t write them on that sheet. You will need to send them to me via email. The 2nd link gives you the rubric that I use. The 3rd link provides the primary sources on the sign-up sheet and a few others. Only select 3 from the sign-up sheet. The 4th link is where I will put your PowerPoint. It is also where you can find examples of other S/D projects completed in the past with my comments.
The last slide of your PowerPoint needs to contain 1-2 questions related to the primary source. I will post these on the Discussion Board which is also under the Interaction tab..

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