To what audience is the advertisement geared towards, and how does it work?

Analyze the various rhetorical strategies, appeals, and textual evidence present within the text to uncover the author’s intent and method of influence. Understanding the interplay between the author, text, and audience relies on identifying not only the rhetorical strategies employed to persuade, but also, the context in which these strategies are utilized. The rhetorical situation is positioned within the context of certain cultural, historical, or social conditions. Consider how context helps or hurts the rhetorical appeals of the object. Ask yourself if the object you are analyzing is successful or unsuccessful in its aim and why. How does the advertisement/song persuade its audience? How does context affect the rhetorical appeals utilized by the author?
500-750 words
Times New Roman
12-point font
1’’ margins. Choose an advertisement either online or in a magazine/newspaper/etc. Make sure the advertisement is complex enough to analyze for at least three pages. In your paper, you must identify the rhetorical strategies and appeals being utilized and evaluate their effectiveness. Does a specific appeal/image/context increase or decrease the ad’s ability to persuade you? To what audience is the advertisement geared towards, and how does it work? Attach a copy of the advertisement with your final paper. Remember, do not simply restate what it is you are seeing or reading. Explain the hows and whys of the text. How are the various rhetorical elements used? Why does the author use them in this manner? Why is it effective/ineffective? What kind of audience is the author trying to reach? Use your thesis to state your overall attitude and claim about the work, but make sure it includes more than just a description of the object under consideration. Here is the link for the ad to use –

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