Watch frontline: sick around the world (posted under multimedia).

Watch Frontline: Sick Around the World (posted under Multimedia). Answer the following questions:
Frontline: Sick Around the World
After watching the PBS documentary Sick Around the World, compare and contrast the five countries discussed in the film. What did they have in common? How were they different? In what ways were any of the countries featured similar to the US? What were some major differences? What do you see as the primary issues with the US healthcare system? What strategies have other nations used in their healthcare systems that would work in the US and why? What might not work in our system and why not?
Finally, what three recommendations would you make to improve the healthcare system in our country?
Use a minimum of three peer-reviewed journal articles to support your discussion. Your paper should be at least
1500 words long and it should be written using APA formatting.

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