Week 2: learning and assessing human resource development needs

In the Discussion: Biblical Integration, the student will discuss how the Bible relates to the topics covered in the course. The Bible, course textbook, and articles from peer-reviewed journals must be used to substantiate the assertions made in the thread. INSTRUCTIONS
Initial Thread
The student will post one initial thread of at least 575 original words. The student will discuss how the Bible relates to multiple topics covered in the course. Specific Scriptures must be cited and discussed, as well as the course textbook and articles from at least 2 peer-reviewed journals published within the past five years. A reference list is required using the APA format. Week 1: Introduction to Human Resource Development
Week 2: Learning and Assessing Human Resource Development Needs
Week 3: Designing and Implementing Human Resource Development Programs
Week 4: Evaluating Human Resource Development Programs and Employee Socialization
Week 5: Skills Training, Coaching, and Performance Management
Week 6: Employee Counseling and Career Development
Week 7: Management Development and Organizational Development
Week 8: Biblical Integration of all of the above and how it relates to the bible

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