What challenges is your country facing in economic transition (if any)?

Instructions (Participation in class is required)
In this exercise, choose a country of your choice on a different continent than you live on to analyze the economic development of it. Answer the questions below and discuss the factors that influence your country’s economic development.
Be sure to note the country you chose at the top of your assignment.
Answer the following questions:
From the following list, how would your country be economically classified? Why?
Developed countries
Newly industrialized countries
Developing countries
How is national production measured in the country you picked?
What challenges is your country facing in economic transition (if any)? Why/why not?
What is the level of political risk in the country you picked? Why? Provide at least one example of an actual political risk that has been in the news in the past ten years.
How can the country you picked better manage political risk?
Written Assignment (MS Word or PDF): 500 Words or more, 75 words per question minimum.
MS PowerPoint/Google Slides: 7 pages: Cover, 1-slide per question (write your context in the notesLinks to an external site., bullet points on the slides), reference page for citations. PowerPoint tipsLinks to an external site. for better presentations.
Video: 10 mins or more in length. Creativity is encouraged, make sure to use low light, you can be head clearly, dress professionally, look at your background, body language, practice before recording, your video looks professional in nature, and include your notes used to create your video.
Online presentation tipsLinks to an external site. for students.
APA requirements, grammar, etc.
Also, make sure to include supporting documentation for references in APA format. While you are not required to turn in a written report with your video, make sure your presentation is clear and your instructor can understand the material you are presenting. Also, you will need to attach a document separately for your citations in APA format as either a MS Word document or a PDF.
Need help? See our Writing Resources page for links.
Did you review the rubric to see how you’ll be graded (it’s below, towards the end of this page)?
Note: While the rubric does not include word counts, number of slides or mins for the video. The rubric contains all the requirements from the assignment, and it is the students responsibility to make sure you are following the specifics as mentioned above for your choice of the written, slide or video presentation.
Submitting your Assignment
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