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The objective of this assignment is to continue to build on
the research you started in the Case Assignment to develop a
complete Marketing Research paper.
Scenario: Remember that you were hired as a marketing researcher in
a firm comparable to Edward Jones. The CEO of the firm approached
you with the following:
1. Many people in minority groups, including African Americans,
Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, and Native Americans,
do not invest. What exploratory research can be done to
develop business with these minority markets?
2. Another group with low investment activity includes those who
stopped their education at the high school level. What factors
should the organization consider in designing focus groups
with these potential clients?
You made an initial plan to address the CEOs questions/concerns
incorporating the following:
Ethical considerations in Marketing Research
Used one of the following methods (Focus Groups, Depth
Interviewing, or Observation Method)
Created a Likert Scale to use in questionnaire
Developed a primary research question to determine what you
really wanted to know.
For this paper, you will continue where you left off but now you will
add an area for each of the elements of a research report (see
http://www.socialresearchmethods.net/kb/guideelements.php). For the
methodology section, state the sample population and the tests you
plan to use along with the assumptions, e.g., what do these tests
purport to measure. Don’t forget to provide at least two hypotheses.
In addition, discuss in detail your sample, procedures you plan to use,
and provide your questionnaire and focus group questions as
appendices at the end of your paper. Based upon what you learned in
the last few modules, your questionnaires should have improved.
Do NOT survey anyone for this assignment, but provide a summary of
the expected outcomes and implications, e.g., individuals surveyed,
your organization, and or society overall.
In your conclusion, provide no more than 3-4 sentences on how you
believe your Marketing Research Report can be used in your future.
Again, this assignment is not to make you a statistician, which is why I
am not asking you for major calculations or to survey a sample
population. Nevertheless, if you do this assignment with enthusiasm,
you have a blueprint to build on for years to come.
Attache is case assignment to build from

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