What industry would you explore and what types of data would you want to collect?

The context of your study/research – a quick introduction to the background of your study(economic). In essence, a couple of sentences on your opportunity to showcase why you are doing this research.
A clear set of SMART objectives(Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound) – what exactly you are trying to achieve with your research. This can also be in the form of research questions – think about the outcomes you are trying to reach with doing the research.
The research sample – who will your informants be, how many and why.
The tools you will use (interviews/questionnaires/observations, etc.) and your research protocol (the questions you intend to ask your respondents).
A proposed timeline for doing the research –this will keep you focused and accountable.
you are expected to develop a detailed research plan that will help you validate an opportunity within a certain industry and gain customer insight to also validate market fit with a specific customer. At the end of different online modules, you have activities that you are asked to consider as part of a research project of your own interest. When considering those activities, think about what data you would need to generate useful insight into the industry and the customer. What kind of research would you need to conduct and why? What industry would you explore and what types of data would you want to collect? What would your specific research objectives be and how will you achieve them? The plan should include details of how you specifically plan to conduct both your industry assessment and customer validation based using a structured research protocol.

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