• what is the impact?

This is the grading criteria:
Must be reflective in nature. This means the essay will be less formal in nature (still adhering to a collegiate-level of grammar, usage, and tone). Allowed to use “I” and “you” in responses. A grade of “0″ for a book report! Do not need it explained again. The goal of reflective essays is to talk about how the film applies, in your opinion, in context of the Holocaust. • What does it relate to in the broader themes of the Holocaust? • Does it cover all issues related to what we know about the Holocaust? • Why this story/plot? • What is the impact? • Why was it important for the screenwriter to tell this story? This way? • What Literary Theory are you using to evaluate the film? Entry should be your analysis of the work (not a film recap/review)!!!- Discuss and evaluate how the studied theme is present in the work (images and words)- Apply knowledge of a literary theory, prior knowledge, real-world connections and/orliterary elements to the work- Cite your sources, the film should be cited. Please use MLA conventions

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