What is the scope of the social problem locally and nationally? b.

Economic Mobility Pathways ((www.empathways.org)
using the agency website above, please answer the following questions:
-Mission and goals
● Populations and problems served
● Brief overview of the relevant program portfolio
● Geographic area(s) served
● Any relevant performance and development that has occurred over the past one to two
years (e.g., mergers, new programs, funding issues)
● Populations or programs that appear to be overlooked, given the agency’s mission and
current pressing social problems
Step 2:
Determine and justify the social problem and population of interest using the empirical and grey literature (minimum of 3sources).
a. What is the scope of the social problem locally and nationally?
b. In what ways does the problem affect the various populations that are served by the agency
you selected? Are certain populations disproportionately affected? How do national and
local policies influence this differential impact?
c. Given what you learned, determine your population of interest. For example, you might
focus on the whole population of people whose needs fall within the agency’s main focus (i.e., anyone affected by domestic violence [DV]), a subpopulation of that population (e.g., immigrant survivors), or other people with a vested interst such family (e.g., children of DV survivors) or community members (e.g., police who respond to DV incidents)
d. What do we already know about your selected population of interest regarding needs, experiences, and barriers to service from the peer-reviewed literature and grey literature?
e. If applicable, what do you know from your own practice wisdom about the population, its needs, and barriers to service?

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