What was the piece that you listened to about?

Go to the Radio Ambulate website , pick any episode and answer the questions below.
Radio Ambulante This week you will have the opportunity to learn more about current events and recent cultural production in Latin America. Daniel Alarcon is a well-known contemporary Peruvian-American writer who works with other writers and journalists based in Latin America and the US to produce in-depth audio news stories and cultural pieces about Latin American current events and issues. Their project is associated with the BBC and NPR and won the Gabriel García Márquez Award for Journalism in 2014. Go to the English version of their website Radio Ambulante and scroll through some of the episodes and pick the one that is most interesting to you (there are some recent episodes featured on the landing page or you can click on “More Episodes” to go through the archive). Listen to the audio file in English (or Spanish if you prefer). What was the piece that you listened to about? Summarize it in your own words. What did you learn? What did you find interesting? Why did you pick this piece?
Would you recommend this piece to others? Why or why not?

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