When are they needed and when are they not?

1. You are expected to cite valid sources throughout your midterm. Books are fine, including ours, but be sure to list page numbers. News articles are also valid. Any format is fine APA MLA etc.
2. Cite with in text citations or cited page at end.
3. These questions are open ended but remember stay on topic. If you quote something please cite. Also explain the quote in your own words. 4. Paper should be four to six pages in length in total, double spaced. If you need to write more that’s fine. In general please write one to two for pages each question. 1.Discuss judicial activism and restraint. Cite outside examples of each. 2.Discuss the nature of search warrants? When are they needed and when are they not? Be sure to discuss cases where questions of this nature were decided in the courts?
3.Explain the differences between the federalists and Anti Federalist. Why did the anti federalists want a bill of rights? Explain how this country would have been different had they not been successful in their push to add a bill of rights.
4.Discuss the main elements of the immigration issue.

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