When you first speak to jason, he is hysterical with fright.

They should be clearly numbered and placed in a single post, one on top of the other.
1. Jason was called into his boss’ office and given his pink slip. Jason began shouting and cursing at his boss, who ordered him out of the room and picked up the phone to call security. Jason threw a heavy ashtray across the room and accidentally struck the boss in the head, killing him. He then barricaded himself in the room and the police were called. You are the primary negotiator. When you first speak to Jason, he is hysterical with fright. He has never been in trouble before (not even a traffic citation). He is afraid not only of what will happen to him, but what will happen with his family, his son who is graduating from high school and getting ready to enroll in college, and his youngest daughter, who is autistic and needs a lot of parental support. What kind of things could you say to Jason to reduce his stress, calm him down, and set the framework for successful negotiations?
2. You have been asked to train prison staff in how to act if taken hostage. In terms of the Stockholm Syndrome, adaptation and coping, and Strentz’s typology, what would you teach them? Develop an exercise for them that stress the concepts of this chapter.
With Discussion Question #2 in mind, pls first watch the below video ,which helps outline exactly what Stockholm Syndrome is:

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