Which permissions should be applied?

Scenario 6-1: Picking an Appropriate File Sharing Method
Arnie, a supervisor in a small content translation company, wants to share a status spreadsheet with seven co-workers on a regular basis. His computer runs Windows 10. The peer computers all run Windows 10 and are connected through a wireless network. Which method of file sharing should be set up for the supervisor? Scenario 6-3: Restricting Permissions
You are setting permissions on a network share named Marketing. Currently, the accounts for Bob and Aileen have Full Control over the Marketing folder. However, you want to restrict both users so that they can revise files within the Marketing folder and create new ones, but they cannot execute programs. Which permissions should be applied? 3-4pages in length (excluding cover page, and reference list)
Follow the APA 7th edition format, Use the APA 7 template

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