While on that swing i will take time to process my thoughts.

The sight of the color yellow can be dated back to Before Christ Era. Yellow pigments originated from clay soils rich in ochre. Ochre was an earthly pale brownish yellow pigment. Yellow pigments were used to decorate human bodies and cave walls. The color yellow also springs up in the Neolithic era. Many people in the West referenced yellow as the sun, yellow as honey, yellow as ripe wheat , yellow as corn , and most importantly yellow as gold. To many people back then having gold meant that you were rich, fulfilled and happy. As stated from above the color yellow can mean treasure. Yellow symbolizes warmth, happiness, and sunshine. Get you some yellow in your life!
“The sun is yellow ”, is a common and first observation that children make at recess. I remember vividly the warm sun rays beaming on my skin, trees swinging side to side, yellow butterflies flying around and walking past a field of yellow dandelions. I finally reached the swing and hoped on. I watched as I swung back and forth, scraping my shoes against the yellow wooden chips and gradually digging into the mud. While on that swing I will take time to process my thoughts. As I looked up I watched the sky transition from a bright yellow to a grey cloud. Within a few minutes the heavy rain poured down and the teachers signaled it was time to come in. The loss of the sight of the yellow sun made me feel gloomy because it meant the loss of warmth and sunshine. In spite of this, I didn’t let it bother me because I knew the sun would rise the following day bright and early.
The sky changed from a brilliant yellow to a gray cloud as I raised my head.
My love for yellow can be traced back to the famous show Curious george. The monkey George is portrayed as friendly , curious , and messy. With all these traits George possesses he can’t help but land into trouble. His friend, the man in yellow, tries very hard to care for George and is always saving him from conflict. My favorite episode is β€œ Old Mcgeorgie Had A Farm.” Mr. Renkins, the farm owner, wants to attend an event to support his prize pig Oscar but has no one to look after his farm. George and the man in yellow volunteer to take over his work for a day. Early in the morning the man in yellow is sleeping in bed. George decides to turn off his alarms and start the farm work himself. George mistakenly lets the animals out of the barns. With flying chickens, mooing cows , angry bulls, and messy pigs George is intimidated and doesn’t know what to do. Two hours later the man in yellow is woken up by something licking his face. At first he thinks it is George but wakes up to the oink of a pig licking his face. He’s in shock and gets up to see where George could be. He then goes outside and helps George put the animals back in the barn minutes before Mr.Renkins arrives home. The act of kindness the yellow man showed towards George shaped me to be an altruistic person. Rachel was a foreign student that had just recently integrated into my school. She had a hard time finding her way around the building and needed help with assignments. I began to show her around the building and she started to find her classes much easier. I then exchanged numbers with her and started to meet with her out of class time. The time spent was to help her with algebra homework and help her prepare for upcoming exams. The meeting was clarification on what topics we covered in class and class notes review sessions. As we began to meet frequently she became more comfortable with her new school. Helping Rachel made me feel good because caring has always been my passion. Yellow to me in the past meant trying to make others happy. Yellow means to me now supporting others in their time of need. My passion for caring has caused me to volunteer at the UPMC Passavant Hospital. The UPMC Passavant Hospital offers students the possibility to volunteer in positions such as Emotional and Spiritual Support, Greeter/ Transport, Nursing unit , Patient and Visitor Transport , Physical Therapy Escort, Shadowing, and Externships. These unique opportunities will help me to further acquire new skills, build up self – confidence, and improve my social skills by connecting with families, patients and visitors. I feel that my communication skills and ability to bond well with others will help me reach more individuals as a volunteer. I believe by attending your school to major in biological sciences will further facilitate my knowledge and path into the medical field. In addition, The bs/md program at your school will prepare me towards my career in the medical field ; The bs/md program will allow me to gain more insight into the healthcare system, apply for shadowing positions, and boost my scientific knowledge.

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