Who’s eligible for these services (ages, etc.)

Write a two page summary and include information about your learning experience from the visit/phone meeting and any other information that you learned in your research and/or phone interview that would help others to use this community agency resource. Include your responses to the following questions in the two page summary:
How do you think this agency can help families?
Do you find their services helpful?
Was the staff knowledgeable?
What does this organization provide for children and/or families of the community.
At the end of the summary, inlcude these facts: (facts sheet)
Name, address and phone/fax numbers
Hours of service;
Days of Week
Area served,
boundaries (limits of service)
Who’s eligible for these services (ages, etc.)
ype of services they provide
Fees Charged
Person(s) in charge of services
I have provided the link to the agency I chose:

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