Why is it so challenging?

Please read case study attached and answer questions below.
1)TSMC is the leading semiconductor chip maker in the world. What are the company’s key competitive advantages? What is the significance of this company to our economy, national security, and daily life?
2)There is a sense of risk about the semiconductor industry in the U.S. What exactly are the risks (or concerns) about the semiconductor industry for the U.S.?
3) Semiconductor technology was invented in the US, but semiconductor manufacturing today is dominated by companies in other countries. In your opinion, what would be the challenges to bring semiconductor manufacturing back to the US? Why is it so challenging?
4) In July 2022, Congress passed the CHIPS-plus or Chips and Science Act, which includes a $52 billion package (https://www.cnbc.com/2022/07/28/china-competitiveness-and-chip-bill-passes-house-goes-to-biden.html) designed to boost semiconductor manufacturing in the U.S. and improve competitiveness with China. How does the bill attempt to help the industry in the U.S.? In your opinion, which companies will benefit the most from the bill? How will this bill affect TSMC? You will need to do some online research to address this question.

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