* write 2-3 paragraphs on what you think of the topic or situation.

Find a news article from a reputable national or international news source that engages Latin American immigration and pertains to the concepts covered in this course. You will need to make connections from readings and/or presentations. You will need to cite concepts learned from any of the previously mentioned sources.
Make sure it’s a substantive article that includes a lot of detail and takes at least a few minutes to read. Appropriate news sources include the New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, The Intercept, etc. Consult with the instructor if you are unsure about your source. Topics or themes from news sources can apply to, but are not limited to immigration policy under Biden, the border wall, immigration under COVID-19, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), militarization of the border, Haitian deportations, etc.
Page Length Requirement: 3 pages minimum
* Write 2 paragraphs long summary of the article, including what the article is about (summary) and who it involves, as well as the name of the author and the news source you got it from. Use your own words.
* Write 2-3 paragraphs on how the article relates to a specific concept or concepts from the course. This part requires critical thinking and demonstrate your ability to draw connections between broad concepts and specific events or phenomenon. Explain your answer and use examples from the text to articulate your reasoning. Be specific. You must cite at least 2 references from class (article, video, or presentation).
* Write 2-3 paragraphs on what you think of the topic or situation. This part is your opinion and you’ll only be graded on articulating your thoughts, not the position you take (ie: write what you think of the news story– you won’t be judged for your opinions, only that you fully completed the assignment)
* Include a reference (not just a link) to the news article.
You need to make sure to address the following:
How are these groups of people portrayed? Positively or negatively? Who is doing the portraying? Why is this news item being covered the way it is? What effect is the article trying to create (political, religious, social, economic, racial/ethnic, etc.)?
This assignment is intended to teach you skills on finding a news source, analyzing it and deconstructing it, and engaging in critical thinking by writing your own response or analysis.

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