You must use apa format.

Read the assigned chapter on: The Challenges Facing Beginning Teachers You can secure this chapter by clicking on the identified link: s/upm-binaries/6940_bartell_ch_1.pdf
Students will write a two-page paper summarizing the chapter, indicating what you feel were the most pertinent details.
YOU MUST USE APA FORMAT. IN COLLEGE, APA FORMAT IS THE STANDARD. YOU MUST BECOME FAMILIAR AND LEARN TO EXECUTE IT WELL. Please use the guide I’ve attached below to complete this assignment. Please do your best to EXECUTE THIS this assignment in your BEST APA format. PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO THE NOTES ON THE SAMPLE PAPER. This assignment should be 4 pages total….. Title page, 2 page body , reference page. (the reference page should cite a chapter in a book). PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO SPACING, FONT SIZE, POSITIONING etc…

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